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Zibi’s retail facilities insert vitality and culture into the community, including restaurants, cafes, retail shops and entertainment. The mix of commercial and residential buildings nurtures a 24-7 vibrancy in the area. The designs of buildings that include active ground floors directly engage the public realm and include numerous opportunities for people to enliven the building edge, including open storefronts, generous seating areas and private amenity areas.

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Zibi’s commercial office buildings offer flexible and technologically advanced working and meeting environments that are engaging, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. Whether you rent, lease or own, Zibi’s office spaces offer a variety of workspace options for your business. Outdoor plazas and public amenity areas will be incorporated into building frontages for employee and visitor use. Offering an all-important first impression, the buildings feature unique open gallery-like designs that is welcoming to employees and visitors. Zibi’s office spaces mark an innovative step in the future of the National Capital Region, as they offer unrivaled views of the downtown Ottawa and Gatineau landscapes.