zibi is the centre of it all

Step out of the ordinary and into Zibi – a world-class sustainable community that provides the best of urban living with a vibrant waterfront.

Zibi is the place where nature, culture, heritage and the joys of life culminate – Zibi is at the centre of it all.

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An uninterrupted commuter, tourist and recreational biker experience throughout Zibi.

Situated in the downtown cores of Ottawa and Gatineau, Zibi straddles both Ontario and Quebec. While the geographic distance between the two provinces is relatively close, there has been a historic cultural divide. Zibi respects the unique history and culture of both sides of the River, while also providing a cohesive connection point. To do this, Zibi features an attractive and safe cycling network connecting the entire development as well as a seamless public transit system.

A robust public realm framework will ensure public access and enjoyment for generations to come.

Zibi features an overlay of public open spaces that encourage social cohesion and allows residents and tenants to live the healthiest lives possible. These open spaces include playgrounds, fields, tot lots, outdoor fitness equipment, cycling and walking tracks, open areas to accommodate social gatherings, as well as public plazas and squares, which will be the center of activity for all residents and visitors.



Historic streets and public spaces are a reminder of the former public realm and human activity that has existed on this site for over a century.

A number of structures throughout the site, including the buildings on Albert Island and portions of Booth Board Mill, are under investigation for adaptive reuse. In addition to maintaining and celebrating the unique cultural heritage and history of the site, the re-opening of former streets and historic public spaces on both sides of the river is intended to provide unrivaled public access to the river’s edge.



With a range of living and working options Zibi will be made up of distinct environments with a mix and variety of building types.

Zibi is made up of a series of distinct environments that feature a unique blend of building types that meet the needs and desires of residents, workers and visitors. In addition to achieving the highest standards in architectural design and character, Zibi offers access to a unique variety of building types, including commercial office spaces, residential neighborhoods, retail services and plazas, community facilities, a hotel, and many more.



Each of the eight districts is made up of a series of unique urban places, creating differentiation and variety in both the built form and the social activities that take place across the development.

Zibi is comprised of eight unique districts, each made up of a series of specific urban places and unique identities. In an effort to increase social activity and a sense of liveliness, great care has been taken to organize each of these districts around services, amenities and gathering places that support a vibrant urban lifestyle. Zibi’s districts are built upon a series of unique residential and commercial projects as well as unique amenities and public spaces.


Locals and tourists can experience a range of urban amenities on the water.

Zibi features new riverfronts that have not been publicly accessible for generations, as well as new and vibrant waterfronts for both Ottawa and Gatineau. In doing so, Zibi offers a range of water edges where people can gather and experience the Ottawa River, a wide selection of dining and beverage offerings, as well as public and gathering spaces along the newly accessible waterfronts.


The parks and urban open spaces are linked by a continuous network of paths integrated with the street network and to the surrounding open space system of the river valley.

All of the open spaces in Zibi contribute to a rich mixture of amenities, while also maximizing exposure to sun and stunning views of the region’s iconic landmarks. Zibi offers fully accessible pedestrian and bicycle paths that are interlaced through all spaces and streets in the community. Zibi connects residents and visitors with the greatest diversity and sense of discovery possible among this rich and varied network of places.