The Great Bluesfest Giveaway Part 2

For our second edition to Bluesfest starting today, we’ve already given away 8 pairs of tickets, and that’s just the beginning! There’s still time to play our “2 truths, 1 lie” game, by filling out the following form:

Our second edition of the game included the following statements:

1- Zibi offers free yoga classes every Monday;

2- Zibi has been awarded the ISOCARP award for best-planned community in the world;

3- Zibi is mostly a condo project

Keep reading to find out which statements are true and which one is false!

2 Truths


1.     Zibi has been awarded the ISOCARP award for best-planned community in the world

The Zibi project has received the International Society of City and Regional Planners’ (ISOCARP) award of excellence for planning and design. The ISOCARP Award for Excellence rewards plans with a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, regeneration, and resilience. An international jury of ISOCARP members evaluated the submissions and chose Zibi as the best plan.

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  1. 2.     Zibi offers free yoga classes every Monday

In line with our One Planet living principle, Zibi promotes a healthy and active lifestyle while encouraging community engagement by offering free yoga on Mondays from 12 pm to 1 pm in LaShoppe behind the experience center. You are welcome to join anytime!

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1 lie 

  1. 1.     Zibi is mostly a condo project

Zibi does much more than build condos. Zibi is a world-class sustainable redevelopment project with a multi-phased timeline. An innovative mission by Windmill Development Group and Dream Unlimited Corp that will transform the land with a mix of residential housing of low and high-rise condominium towers and townhomes, commercial and office space, unique waterfront plazas, outdoor squares, recreational facilities, and more!

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