Zibi Is Distinct

Zibi celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the area by restoring historic buildings, uncovering old streets and plazas, and continuing the story of the site through architecture, signage, and events.

To create a world-class sustainable community and a green urban environment, Zibi is comprised of unique districts made up of distinct environments. Residential housing, commercial office spaces, plazas and squares, and recreational facilities, among others, provide a range of living and working options with varied and visually attractive buildings. Zibi is an extension of the diverse and vibrant urban fabric of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Read the complete Cultural Heritage Impact Statement here


Residential Townhomes

Zibi’s residential townhomes and low-rise buildings are designed with convenience, modern architecture and contemporary interior design in mind. The character of Zibi’s residential townhomes and low-rise buildings include stairs, stoops, garden patios, terraces and private outdoor amenity areas that help foster a vibrant social life. These townhomes are truly one-of a kind, each showcasing unique colours, materials, and facades. Zibi’s location provides the convenience of urban living with easy access to parklands, riverfront spaces, plazas and squares and walking and cycling paths.

Residential Mid-Rise

In order to foster a family-friendly focused environment, Zibi offers low – and midrise buildings for lease or purchase. The buildings are clustered around shared courtyards, providing a pleasant place for kids to play and neighbours to gather, as well as outdoor amenities that will support an active social life. Zibi’s location in the downtown Ottawa and Gatineau core provides easy access to parklands, dockside riverfront, plazas and squares, and walking and cycling paths.

Residential Towers

Zibi’s residential towers and condominiums are engineered to enrich the community’s skyline and to enhance the role of the development as a landmark in the National Capital region. Zibi’s condominiums offer an exceptional balance of urban lifestyle, offering unparalleled views of the dockside riverfronts, the Falls, and Parliament Hill, combined with striking architecture that reflects the heritage of the downtown Ottawa and Gatineau cores. Private terraces and sky gardens will enliven the rooftops, and condominiums will include active ground floor uses such as: community rooms, retail facilities, health clubs, and more.


Zibi’s commercial office buildings offer flexible and technologically advanced working and meeting environments that are engaging, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. Whether you rent, lease or own, Zibi’s office spaces offer a variety of workspace options for your business. Outdoor plazas and public amenity areas will be incorporated into building frontages for employee and visitor use. Offering an all-important first impression, the buildings feature singular open gallery-like designs that is welcoming to all. Zibi’s office spaces mark an innovative step in the future of the National Capital Region, as they offer unrivaled views of the downtown Ottawa and Gatineau landscapes.


Zibi’s planned hotel facilities present a distinctive face to the new district. By hosting visitors, these facilities have a strong responsibility to be gracious and inviting. Building designs provide a comfortable opportunity for visitors to get to know the community and engage the public realm. The design of hotel facilities includes fire pits, swimming and recreation facilities, bars and restaurants and other leisure entertainment. Buildings will encourage mingling among visitors while also providing spaces for much needed rest and contemplation while away on a business or vacation stay. As a destination hotel, Zibi’s facilities will be designed as landmark buildings.


Zibi’s retail facilities insert vitality and culture into the community, including restaurants, cafes, retail shops, and entertainment. The mix of commercial and residential buildings nurtures a 24-7 vibrancy in the area. Buildings include activated ground floors to facilitate direct engagement with the public realm, and include numerous opportunities for people to enliven the building edge, including open storefronts, generous seating areas, and private amenity areas.

Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse design presents an innovative opportunity to breathe new life into existing heritage buildings. This hybrid between heritage and modern design reveals wonderful opportunities for serendipity and surprise that would not be possible in a wholly new building. Adaptive re-use of existing buildings respect the character defining elements of the existing buildings (or parts) that are conserved and adapted, while new additions will be contemporary in character. Adaptive re-use is an essential component of sustainable development practices and has environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Parking and Vehicle Access

Zibi parking is provided on-site in basement levels below buildings. Basements of existing buildings are being reused for parking where practical. Parking is distributed as evenly as possible throughout the site to match below-ground supply with the equivalent demand for the buildings immediately above. Each basement will have independent ramped access from the network of streets above. A modest amount of on-street parallel parking is available for short-term visitor parking.

Program and Phasing

Zibi is planned to be constructed in six phases over ten years.