Zibi Is Living in Balance

Dream and Theia’s vision was to create one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally conscious communities using the following eight key design principles.

waterfrontCelebrate Heritage

Zibi celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Ottawa and Gatineau area by providing unique and public access to the Ottawa riverfront, Chaudière Falls, the monumental Ring Dam and more. This access allows for a better understanding of the industrial heritage of the site and its significance for First Nations.

Connecting The Capital

Though geographically close, there has been a historic cultural divide between Ottawa and Gatineau. The intent of Zibi is to create a community that respects the unique history and culture of both sides of the River, while providing an easy connection point through public transit systems, bike paths and more.


Woman running

Healthy Living

Zibi encourages residents and tenants to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. This is completed by providing access to public parks, outdoor recreation facilities, walking and cycling paths, and plazas and squares to accommodate social gatherings. Indoors, systems will be implemented to ensure exemplary indoor air quality.

Ecological Systems

Zibi is built on a strategy of rethinking and re-structuring the built environment in response to and in collaboration with the natural environment. Zibi also utilizes the ‘One Planet Communities’ framework to help guide sustainability and eco-friendly planning for the project.

Vibrant Waterfront

Creating new riverfronts that have never before been available, Zibi is the place where locals and tourists go to experience a range of urban amenities. Located along Zibi’s picturesque shores, the public will now have access to previously closed off areas of the Ottawa river through vibrant dockside waterfronts, several public gathering spaces, restaurants and boardwalks.

Complete Community

Zibi is a place to live, work, play, and learn. At Zibi, cars will be an optional convenience, not a necessity. A resident could live for a month without leaving a 1km radius of Zibi, and every residence is within 500m of a place of employment. Zibi features a unique blend of residential, retail, commercial and recreational spaces for a complete lifestyle community.

Incubate Innovation

Known as a historically innovative site, Zibi continues to foster innovation through a commitment to embedded creativity. Social and creative workspaces and architecture are designed to inspire, enhance and encourage collaboration.

Create and Enhance Views

Zibi offers some of the best views in Canada, as it provides truly unparalleled and protected views of Parliament Hill, the National Gallery, the War Museum, Gatineau Park, the skylines of Ottawa and Gatineau as well as the River and the Falls. Respecting these sightlines, Zibi will also create new opportunities for views of the National Symbols and the Falls.