Zibi Is Your Lifestyle

Zibi is comprised of unique districts, each made up of a series of specific urban places and identities. In an effort to increase social activity and a sense of liveliness, great care has been taken to organize each of these districts around services, amenities and gathering places that support a vibrant urban lifestyle.

eddy plaza east

Industrial Quarter

Comprised of the most impressive collection of industrial heritage buildings in the National Capital Region, the renovated Industrial Quarter spans both sides of Eddy Street with buildings renovated as a hybrid between heritage and modern design. The spaces between buildings act as hubs of commercial, retail, cultural uses and residential spaces.

laval street


Champlain is an extension of the urban fabric to the North, with multiple new streets that lead directly to the river’s edge. With a variety of new residential building types, this new urban district also includes ground floor retail amenities along Laval and community facilities focused around East Eddy Plaza.


North Shore

The North Shore provides a unique opportunity where people can experience and enjoy the river’s edge. There are a number of open spaces along the river’s edge to support public access including Laval Plaza and Riverfront Park. Residential properties and retail shops will be built around the edges of Laval Plaza.

capital view

Capital View

The Capital View district is composed around a wedge shaped park that provides stunning views of Parliament Hill. Capital View includes a variety of walking and cycling routes that are pleasant and safe. Taller buildings are located to the North of the district, while lower-rise residential properties are situated towards the South.



Albert Island

Albert Island will be a mixed-use residential and commercial district defined by two repurposed heritage buildings. Formerly stables and blacksmith shops, these buildings will be renovated to vibrant retail and commercial spaces with a central covered courtyard.  A new pedestrian and bike bridge provides a new connection to the West end of Albert Island from the War Museum and Chaudière Island.


Chaudière West

Chaudière West is a residential neighbourhood with a mix of commercial condominiums, as well as retail and community facilities. Chaudière West includes pedestrian oriented woonerfs that provide a variety of routes leading from the industrial heritage of Booth Street to the river’s edge. New parks provide public access to the West end of the island and to the Chaudière Falls and visitor center.


Chaudière East

With a dramatic restoration of the crumbling north wall of the Booth Board Mill as a focal point, Chaudière East includes hotels, event spaces, retail spaces and residential townhomes and condominium towers. Chaudière East is a hybrid between heritage and modern design. Head Street, a heritage element of Chaudière East, provides direct access to the East end of the island and world-class views of Parliament Hill.