Zibi Is Easy Living

However you like to get around, Zibi makes it easy. By applying best practices in walking, biking, roadway, and parking design, Zibi offers a walkable community concept with little need to travel off-site. A robust bike network ties into the region’s existing and planned bicycle system and the re-establishment of bus service will provide easy access to the site without a car.

Biker commuting

Transit Network

Situated between the future Lebreton Pimisi station and the Portage bus transfer station, Zibi is conveniently located at the heart of the National Capital Region’s most transit rich area. Existing bus lines will serve the site with two new stops located along Eddy Street in Gatineau and Booth Street in Ottawa. A public transport system will be available, making frequent sustainable transit services available to residents, workers and visitors.

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Bicycle Network

Zibi provides superior bicycle facilities along key routes between Ottawa and Gatineau, extending to existing and future connections. While every street is designed to have slow vehicle speeds, a network of new dedicated bike lanes and off-street multi-use pathways provide safe and convenient connections to and from Zibi.

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Pedestrian Network

Zibi’s walking network is benefitted by comfortable sidewalks on both sides of main streets, pedestrian oriented woonerfs, extensive plaza spaces at key interaction points and a robust off-street system of pedestrian paths, multi-use paths and park pathways connecting the districts to one another. Walking routes are designed to connect directly with existing paths and sidewalks in adjacent neighborhoods.

woonerf type streets “Woonerf” is a Dutch term for “living street”. First developed in the Netherlands, it’s a space where pedestrians are the priority and vehicles act as guests. This allows the space to be used in multiple ways — a social/recreational area, a walkway and a laneway for delivery trucks, for example.


Zibi Is Street Smart

Zibi’s streets are conceived as a fully interconnected network of shared use streets and lanes, which promote the ease of movement, between all modes of transportation, through the community and surrounding destinations. With an emphasis on designated pedestrian and bicycle paths, Zibi’s street network also incorporates strong connections to surrounding pathway networks.

Zibi’s streets are much like urban park spaces and plazas. This consistent style will link all districts together through the character and continuity of its streets.

Zibi street networks

Zibi street networks