Zibi Is A Fresh Perspective

The redevelopment of this site provides a unique opportunity to create a new set of public open spaces with extraordinary landscapes. In addition to beautifully characterized streetscapes, Zibi will offer nine public outdoor spaces each striving to contribute to a rich mixture of amenities, while maximizing exposure to sun and stunning views.

Head Street Square

Head Street Square is the village square at the heart of Chaudière West. Positioned to capture maximum sun and wind protection, it maintains access to unparalleled views in all directions. Ample seating, along with a cantilever wooden stage that facilitates a variety of small-scale events, frame the central space of the square.

West End Park

West End Park is positioned as a park on the water, offering panoramic views of the upper Ottawa river and the falls. The naturalized park is bounded by a multi-use path and features a broad internal pathway, which can be flooded in winter to provide a skating rink and floating boardwalk. A summer water play plaza can be transformed into an ice bar in winter.

Union Square

Union Square is located near the heritage plaza and is reminiscent of the native edge and historic form of the adjacent board mill. The centre of the square is a street end view park, which connects visually to the Place Zibi on the opposite shore and offers views of the bridges and falls.

East End Park

East End Park is comprised of a small street end plaza with seating rafts and water features. Succession planting will restore the native vegetation and enhance habitat values, with boardwalks providing access while protecting the landscape.

West Eddy Plaza

West Eddy Plaza provides an opportunity to experience the former industrial waterfront and dramatic views above the falls. Special attention will be given to improving the pedestrian linkage across Eddy Street where a commemorative assembly of mechanical relics from the former mill is proposed.

East Eddy Plaza

East Eddy Plaza offers a unique experience of the industrial character of the district. The plaza is connected to surrounding streets by heritage laneways and linear park extensions enriched by surface storm water management.

Place Zibi

Place Zibi provides stunning views overlooking the river, with restaurants and shops surrounding it. The square is furnished with street trees, broad benches, and special lighting. A set of stairs reach directly down to the water’s edge for seasonal recreational access.

North Shore Park

North Shore Park forms the northern neighbourhoods. A series of cascades, wetlands, channels, and ponds direct surface runoff toward release at the foot of Laval Street. A network of boardwalks and bridges overlook the pavilion and offer visitors extraordinary views of the Falls, islands and National landmarks.

Capital View Park

Capital View Park provides a green core to its neighbourhood, framed by unrivalled views of Parliament Hill. The park starts at Laval Street with a small urban square and widens towards the East, including a children’s play area and community agricultural plots.