Zibi is Award-Winning

Representing one of the largest urban redevelopment opportunities in the National Capital Region, Zibi is unique in many ways.

bike-ottawa-riverSituated on the banks of the Ottawa River, Zibi is located in both the City of Ottawa and the City of Gatineau, something that has never been done before. In Ottawa, Zibi rests on the western edge of downtown, consists of both the Chaudière and Albert Islands and is surrounded by the Ottawa River. These islands are physically disconnected from both cities by the river and present an opportunity to create a unique sense of place amongst the heritage buildings on both islands. In Gatineau, the lands are within the downtown core of the city and provide an opportunity to extend the city out to the banks of the river.



The vision for Zibi was based on eight development aspirations with the overarching aspiration being to create a world-class plan. Through partnership with our planning team of Perkins + Will, the Zibi Master Plan achieved this aspiration by winning the 2015 National Planning Excellence Award.


Zibi is More Than Just a Name

Until 2007, the Chaudière area had been reserved for industrial uses. Now that the lands can be redeveloped, their importance in the landscape of the National Capital Region call for a carefully orchestrated redevelopment of the site. This project promises to be one of the most socially sustainable, environmentally-friendly and innovative developments in Canada.

Read the complete award-winning Master Plan here


Zibi recognizes that the entire Ottawa Valley, and much of Eastern Ontario, is on unceded Algonquin territory. Zibi, the Anishinabe word for River, was chosen for this new redeveloped community to honour the river and the Algonquin-Anishinabe people.

Other initiatives to incorporate their heritage into Zibi, include access to the Falls, First Nations routes through the site, connectivity to surrounding routes and culturally and historically significant places, interpretive signage, themed places, and areas for contemplation. Our collaboration has just begun and we look forward to the continuing work we are doing together with the Algonquin-Anishinabe people to raise public awareness of Anishinabe culture and forge opportunities for mutually beneficial social and economic collaboration. For more information visit zibidialogue.ca.

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Overlooking the river, beautiful Laval Plaza with its restaurants, shops and benches provides visitors access to the water’s edge through stairs and ramps.