Zibi Is Sustainable

Windmill and Dream’s vision was to create one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally conscious communities on the planet. To accomplish this, Zibi follows an ambitious One Planet Action Plan, which is a model based on ten simple principles to make sustainable living easy and affordable for all. This model will help Zibi live and breathe within a fair share of the planet’s resources.

Read our groundbreaking One Planet Action Plan here


zero carbon iconZero Carbon

All buildings and structures at Zibi are carbon neutral; powered and heated by a combination of on and off-site renewable energy.


zero waste iconZero Waste

Zibi is designed around a waste hierarchy, prioritizing waste prevention first, then re-use, recycling and composting, and lastly, energy recovery before disposal to landfill. Zibi aims to achieve zero waste by 2020.


icon sustainable transportSustainable Transport

Zibi includes a transport plan to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. To reduce the need to travel, Zibi provides access to sustainable transport modes including designated cycling lanes, walking paths, and easy access to public transportation.


icon -sustainable materialsSustainable Materials

Windmill Development Group will prioritize construction materials that are low impact, durable, local and reclaimed. High impact or polluting materials will be avoided.


local and sustainable food icon Local and Sustainable Food

Zibi makes it easy and convenient for residents and tenants to procure and enjoy local, healthy and sustainable food.


sustainable water iconSustainable Water

At Zibi, the products we buy and manage water in will support healthy land-use and avoid local flooding and pollution to watercourses. Best practice standards in water conservation, water efficiency, recycling and surface water management will be adopted.


icon-land-use-and-wildlifeLand Use & Wildlife Habitats

Zibi’s sustainable community will provide a model for urban living in a diverse and productive natural environment, while making appropriate and efficient use of land and support beautiful landscapes.


culture and heritageCulture & Community

At Zibi, a culture of sustainability, community and a sense of place will be nurtured. Zibi will maintain, enhance or revive aspects of local culture, and heritage will be developed.


icon-equity-and-local-economyEquity & Local Economy

Zibi ensures vibrant social equity by nurturing a strong social fabric of diverse community members with accessible services to all. Zibi is designed to be a thriving, resilient economy supporting fair employment, inclusive communities and international fair trade.


icon-health-and-happinessHealth and Happiness

Zibi introduces easy, attractive and affordable methods for people to lead happy and healthy lives within a fair share of the earth’s resources.


Zibi is a world-class prototype for 21st Century design and development. Its an opportunity to re-think and counter traditional car-centric urban planning principles, high maintenance landscapes, and inefficient buildings, all of which are highly consumptive of natural resources.

Zibi achieves the highest green building standards for materials, water, energy and indoor air quality, and is a zero carbon sustainability showpiece. This includes creating habitat protection, outdoor recreation, community agriculture and connecting the site with adjacent open spaces. It also means having more local, organic and fair trade products in restaurants and shops, providing cleaner transportation options, creating quality affordable housing and jobs, and making it easier to adopt healthy green lifestyles.