Weekly Warehouse Yoga

Learn. Create. Share.

In partnership with local studios, Zibi is hosting lunch time yoga every Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm in Zibi’s La Shoppe located at 3, rue Eddy, Gatineau. Everyone is welcome! This activity is free, but donations are welcomed. All funds go towards the maintenance of this activity, and for the teachers and hosts that make it possible.

Please note that we are taking a break. Check back soon for our new dates!

About our teachers


Joanie Beauregard-Veillette – Mojo Ta Vie

Finding your mojo to me is finding your drive in life, your charisma, your vitality to shine from the inside and live life to its fullest. I believe that the human body is an extraordinary machine. We need to understand it and take good care of it so it can allow us to live the life we dream for ourselves. Mojo ta vie uses movements, yoga, osteopathy, nutrition and more to fuel our vehicle during our time on Earth. The more we respect its integrity, its nature, and work with it, the more it will do for us and allows us to live a long and beautiful life of adventures.

During the early decades of my life I was first and foremost a volleyball player. All my choices in life were guided by this passion to become the best volleyball player I could be. Unfortunately, this journey was made difficult and eventually stopped before I could reach my goal of playing professional in Europe due to many injuries. At the end of my career, I really wondered if I would ever live a pain-free life again and if I would be able to be active as I aged. This is when I found yoga and it changed everything for me. After just a few classes I realized that that’s what had been missing from my training. The training of balancing the body as a whole, strengthening and stabilizing the entirety. Through the years, yoga has enabled me to keep moving, steer away from neck and back pain and live the life of adventures I was dreaming of–without having to be constantly careful and scared of dislocating my shoulder or jamming my neck again. More than that, yoga help me find a new appreciation for my body, to love it just the way it is and to find a new guiding philosophy and spirituality in life.

Certifications :
Student in Osteopathy at the Sutherland Academy in Montreal
300h at Santosha Ottawa
200h of Vinyasa Flow in Montezuma Costa Rica with Banyan Gallagher
Integral Nutrition Health Coach



Jessie Carson – Living Practice

My name is Jessie Carson. I am a writer, a yoga teacher, a beekeeper, and a voracious reader. These are the things that enable me to feel like I’m living a creative life. I am also a mother and must accredit my son as my greatest yoga teacher, by far.

I like old things, which is probably why I love yoga and its philosophy, stories that get passed on and on and on, and those intelligent humming creatures that make honey. My hope is that through Living Practice, I can develop a richer understanding of my place in the world and how I can be of service to others.

Each day, I believe it is important to ask: How should I live? Our thoughts, our actions, our choices are how we generate the answer. Each small movement in the world can be a prayer to who we are and who we want to become.

Within all of my interests, I am a beginner and wish to convey that my adventure of yoga through writing is one of a curious amateur who is developing an understanding of things.